Al Jouf Destination


Al Jouf Destination

DESIGN: Modern Style


TYPE Commercial and Bussiness


المساحة الإجمالية


المساحة التأجيرية




Al Jouf Destination is located on the Most Dynamic Routes of Al jouf District ( King Khaled Road), Also one of the most important landmarks that  lie along the same stretch of the road, which lead to these landmarks & the most one is AL- Jouf University” that is about 9 KM away,

It Will become a distinctive and unique commercial character with the presence of many international and local brands.

Simply Al Jouf Destination is an outdoor shopping center and an Entertainment Area located at Precise location on King Khaled Road in Al Jouf, Saudi Arabia. Spanned across 128,449 sq. meters, and owned by the businessman Sheikh Abdul Aziz Mohammed bin saied.

 Project Status

10% Development

The Al Jouf Destination contains a wide variety of luxury restaurants and cafes that meet the visitors' desires and the various tastes of the various cuisines of the world.

Al Jouf Destination provides a unique furnished hotel apartment recreated in fine. to those who love spacious spaces. 

It also brings together various activities that complement the passion of visitors, like fashion, arts, beauty, services, attention, and personal care, as well as many entertainment activities during the year and at various times.

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About Al Jouf:

The province shares an international border with Jordan. Throughout history, this region has played an important role as the major facilitator of caravan trade. Apart from playing an active role in trade and commerce, the region is also blessed with fertility and abundant groundwater.

  • Entertainment  areas:

  •   Play Area.

  •   Restaurants & Cafes

  • - قاعات سينما

  •   Retails Shops

  •   Land Scapes

  •   car parking provided 906